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Huawei p20 pro update failed

Hope this helps. Your phone's software is developed and rolled out over the air by the manufacturer, rather than by EE. As with all network specific builds, EE has the opportunity to test any new updates to make sure they're optimised for use on the network. Because all networks have different platforms and services, the roll out time between networks can vary.

If any defects are found during testing, we let the manufacturer know as quickly as possible to allow them to make any necessary changes in a timely manner. So, should I infer from your response that the ball is in Huawei's court and you are currently not holding up any release from the P20 Pro?

How about a dashboard where people can keep a track of the versions that are pending or in test? In the age of almost monthly critical vunrabilities in Android it doesn't seem good enough to basically tell people that they will get an update when they an update. I've had an issue open for some time in EEs executive office and the following is part of a message i sent them in regard to a very similar idea.

They have read it and their reply is below. I will say though keep pushing for improvements if you feel there should be. At no point has anyone asked EE to give a detailed time line for testing or roll out of software. So it is with amazement you believe this is what any customer including is me is asking for. This can be anything from small updates to fix bugs that have been reported to them by users, to add or remove features on the device or to give the software version a complete revamp and update to a brand new version.

Sometimes an update will have a variety of changes bundled together rather than them having to roll out multiple changes individually. The manufacturer will contact us and make a plan to test the update thoroughly alongside our team. We work closely with them to ensure that, all being well with the update, this is as close to the actual release date as possible. Sometimes this can run a few weeks behind as some manufacturers release their own generic build for open market devices prior to building network specific versions.

I have passed along your suggestion to the relevant area to undergo evaluation. I can't promise that action will be taken as there are several factors to consider when choosing to implement any changes, but I do promise that your suggestions will be considered fairly".

Sadly I can only assume that the current setup has no impact on their bottom line so there is no value in improving it. Most average people don't care what security patch they are running or what features they are missing out on. Got my P20 Pro recently, after having switched from Vodafone.

Severely regretting my decision now. What's the hold up on the updates for the P20 Pro? Come on, we're still stuck on !!!! Vodafone customers are getting for god sake.

Not only that, but I see the website is still not functional after many years. Wow, how about hiring a new development team? You need it. Error after error, and settings not being applied when I've selected them. Yes, it is the MyEE section. It seems that when you remove an add-on for example, it seems to take quite a while to actually update. There is no feedback to the user that it may take some time. Similarly with the content blocker. I obviously requested full access, but even though the site told me it has been changed, you go back to it again and it hasn't!XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

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The most common Huawei P20 Pro problems, and how to fix them

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Thread Deleted Email Thread. Hey people, Long story short - I bought the phone off a friend, screen was cracked and during the process the volume flex cable came off I ordered another one. Before the phone was broken it was in complete working order, I'm guessing somewhere during the time since I got it and since it broke, auto-update started updating the phone and the battery died, causing the phone to get bricked.

I can't seem to find the recovery image either, would it be as simple as starting the phone in safe mode and then recovering it through the SD card? Junior Member. Join Date: Joined: Sep My p20 lite fails to install after restarting. Holding buttons. Tried downloading via cable. I have enough space. Am not sure what is wrong with this 9. Senior Member. Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Nov Subscribe to Thread. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Android Apps and Games. OnePlus Parallel App Installer.

Android Software Development. Huawei Developers. Miscellaneous Android Development. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.I received my P20 Pro upgrade 2 weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it so far.

The software version is v C which is way behind all others versions of the phone. Can you please advise when an update will be available for the C version that EE are supplying?

How to Fix Huawei EMUI Update Fail Errors

See the answer below or view the solution in context. Welcome back to the EE Community. I'm glad you are pleased with your upgrade. I also recently upgraded to the P20 Pro and I love it! View solution in original post. I'd like a reply from EE rather than someone that repeats the same answer. No wonder you have so many posts! They'll advise you about the latest software for their device but not the version you have through EE, that should have been made clear.

The changelog published by Huawei includes "bug fixes and camera improvements". By definition that means that earlier versions of the firmware are defective. Thanks FurstyFerret, it's a great phone and I can put up with any minor issues until the new firmware is released. It's just a little annoying that our European neighbours get the latest updates but we have to wait.

Huawei have started releasing for C dual sim version and according to Three says this should reach all P20 Pros by Monday, not sure if this also includes EE as the firmware is the same on all C but customised by the network operators whether purchase sim-free or on contract and you will receive updates when they authorise Huawei is fine to release.

If you think it is bad on the P20 Pro I got my update yesterday to just think the Mate 10 Pro is still on March security update and no details of when we will receive another update on it. I see. They have combined multiple updates that they released for other models into one update for UK models.

It is strange that they don't provide full chagelog for this release. I don't believe there are no internal schedules or timeframes for the next firmware release for the p20 pro - so why not share them?

You have no control over the firmware on the iPhone or Pixel line of phones and they seem to do okay.

huawei p20 pro update failed

Other phone companies have pushed updates for the p20 pro. It feels like these days once an Android flagship is released its mostly forgotten about by the carriers and all attention is refocused onto the next big launch! That would be fine is you didn't act as a blocker to important security updates. If you really cared about your cusomters you would do everything you could to get updates out in a timely manner, like other carriers have shown they are capable of. Bit of a pointless rant here but I feel it important to let EE know my feelings, as perhaps it's the only way they will change.

On iPhone, I am used to Apple controlling and rolling out all software updates. The same was true of the Pixel phone I owned for a short while for work.It's sometimes frustrating to read that a new update for your smartphone has been released, with many new features and bug fixes via OTA, but no matter how often you press the software update button, it doesn't give you the option to do so.

For Huawei and Honor smartphones, Firmware Finder is a useful app that lets you get the latest Android update for your Huawei and Honor smartphones faster. We'll show you how to use it in this article. You eagerly go into the settings and hammer the software update button.

You do this for an hour, days and maybe even a whole week, but you don't succeed. If you own a Huawei or Honor smartphone, you can always download the latest firmware for your own device with the help of an app. The software does not require any root privileges or an unlocked bootloader. Keep in mind though, using an app is at your own risk. But you should first make a backup of your smartphone, charge it completely, and be connected to a fast Wi-Fi and make sure you have enough time.

The first step is to download Firmware Finder from the App Store.

huawei p20 pro update failed

After installing and opening the app for the first time, you will need to confirm the disclaimer and permissions for the app. Afterwards you will be see a screen that should be fairly straightforward. The app recognizes your Honor or Huawei smartphone by itself. But, If the app didn't recognize it for some reason, you can insert it manually by clicking on the plus sign. After selecting your smartphone, you will be taken to the next stage. Now, select the firmware version you want to install. You will then be taken to the next page, where a short text will appear.

The Huawei changelog will appear, with the firmware name that you have preselected if it is available. You can then download all the data for the software update. But it is more important that you check via Check Firmware Access and then IMEI if the firmware is actually made for your smartphone with the installed software. Sometimes another step is needed to get to the current EMUI version.

Once the downloaded firmware has been checked and verified for your smartphone, you can use the download function to download the files. The download progress bar is located in the upper half of the screen and is arranged in a circle around the logo.OTA is one of the simplest ways to download and install updates on any Android smartphone. Many users have been reported to us that they have been struck or somehow unable to finish the update. There might be several reasons behind the update failure.

For all those users, here we have all possible solutions on how to fix EMUI update fail errors on Huawei and Honor devices. Reboot is the best solution for any kind of issue on smartphones. Simply, reboot and retry the update process. Here you need to select Clear Data and Clear Cache. This is one of the rare errors seen on Huawei and Honor smartphones. To fix this, just reboot your device and connect your device to the internet.

This will check the update status and automatically takes you to the installation process. To overcome the issue, you need to follow the below steps:. Force restart your device. To do so, you need to press the Power button for a few seconds. Once successfully reboots, retry the update process. Try downloading and installing the update from eRecovery mode.

huawei p20 pro update failed

For this, you need to boot your device into eRecovery mode and connect it to PC. Connect the device to a WiFi network and start downloading the update package. The device will automatically reboot after a successful installation. You need to use the HiSuite to back up your phone data and then recover your phone. The software will restore the device to a specific version and automatically reboots. If the error still persists, visit the nearest Huawei service center for assistance.

For any queries, do feel free to comment below.There are many reasons why your device may not send text messages or SMS. When faced with any problem, the first troubleshooting step that you want to do is to be aware of any error, prompts, or messages that may appear. When it comes to texting problems, some messaging apps may display an error that can help a user identify the cause.

This can also be helpful later if you want to escalate the issue to your network operator. Another good troubleshooting step in this case is to force quit the app in question. To close an app:. One of the basic things to check for this problem is the Message Center Number.

If information about this number is incorrect, your device may still be able to receive texts but unable to send one. In some cases, force stopping a messaging app may not work. This step will erase your text messages so be sure to back them up ahead of time. Sometimes, text messaging problems may be a result of a bad system cache. To ensure that this type of cache is in top shape, you can clear the cache partition.

Old conversation threads may sometimes become buggy or cause performance issues for the app. This is true for old or long conversations that contain media. Getting rid of old threads also clears up space and makes room for new incoming messages. Another troubleshooting step that you can do is to re-add all or select problem contacts. Contacts app and messaging app work together when sending and receiving messages and if one is buggy, it can affect the other end.

Returning network settings of your Huawei P20 Pro is another necessary troubleshooting step in this situation.

You can do that by inserting your SIM card to a compatible phone. To resolve any unknown phone bug that prevents sending of texts, you want to factory reset your device. Be sure to back all personal data ahead of time. Should the issue remain after doing all the suggestions above, the problem must be account-related.

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eRecovery Huawei. Новый способ прошить Huawei без компьютера

Posts: 51, Member: Status: Offline Quote:. Originally Posted by luckycool. I dont want a brick afterwards. Please guide me. I was looking at some other thread mentioning huawei flash file download is working with imei activation.

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How to fix Huawei P20 Pro won’t send texts issue

Originally Posted by. Ofcourse its still valid Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Posts: 51, Member: Status: Offline Use the files from the support.

Must write both firmware and customisation at once. Be sure enough space on hdd and latest version v40 used Br. Use the files from the support. Posts: 96 Member: Status: Offline Originally Posted by Tahir shinwari. I can enter phone in safe mode now.

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